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Sign Basic

Efficient production management where you decide the level of detail that you want to control. Users get a complete overview of all in-house tasks divided into departments and machines, as well as precision of media and finishing. Sign Basic provides comprehensive order management along with a calendar function that consists of extensive search options including a search on defined tags. This also includes an overview of subtasks with the possibility to print item labels so that physical handling is made much easier.

Sign Basic allows for elegant handling of production files via a built-in archive which distinguishes between ad hoc files and standard files per a built-in product catalogue. This catalogue also conveys product and material knowledge internally. Time registration as well as control of the assembly process is also possible with a calendar view. The system offers an on-going stockpile of products and other records which are transferred directly to invoicing after price approval.

Production management is based on a proven CRM system that handles your customers, items and suppliers. This system includes a sales quote function and pipeline overview which give you a full summary of your offers and make follow-ups and good customer service easy and accessible.

Sign Medium

Sign Medium contains all features of CAPTOR Sign Basic.

In addition, automated validation of production files is possible via integration with SWITCH, a 3rd party product accessible through our partners. This is an add-on that really saves time on all tasks in the in-house DTP function and at the same time, minimizes the risk of production errors.

Using SWITCH also allows for extensive use of QR codes, where specific QR hand scanners provide status updates on all orders, and tasks can be displayed on your large screens during the production process. QR scanning with wireless hand scanners and the possibility of reporting via large screens are therefore also part of the Sign Medium package.

Sign Pro

Sign Pro includes all features of CAPTOR Sign Medium.

Additionally, it offers a private portal where your customers can easily reorder or make new orders. Customer specific product catalogues can be created so that companies with several locations/chains can have all their products directly available in your portal for quick ordering. Each customer’s product catalogue can handle the relevant standard production files but there is also the option for the customer to upload project specific production files.

A built-in chat function easily gathers everything relevant for production in one place.
The customer can request quotations while the portal provides the customer with a real time overview of ongoing productions.

Sign Enterprise

Sign Enterprise includes all features of CAPTOR Sign Pro.

In addition, it has a project management tool that allows you to manage different locations in order to maintain a good overview of large projects with many different installers.

This license type is the only one that allows you to customize the functions to your specific needs.

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