CRM & PM with countless options

Your CAPTOR license can be expanded later with a lot of exciting key features via adding modules *.

However, our basic starter CRM can be used by all B2B companies immediately.

Customer database/archive

  • Registration of contacts, interests and priority.
  • Activity registration and overview of customer coverage.
  • Campaign and segment management.
  • Extensive search and filtering capabilities.
  • Digital archive for quick overview of correspondence.
  • Follow-up via grouped Dashboard.
  • Import, export and update from other databases.

Sales management/reporting

  • Overview of ongoing negotiations and offers.

  • Budgeting, forecasting, calculating deviations.

  • Graphic competition management.

  • Indication of future sales, purchases and liquidity.

  • Overview of previous orders and lost negotiations.

  • Benchmarking on loss grounds.

Market Data*

  • In some countries, CAPTOR has access to online market data, which can be created directly into the CRM section through precise searches.

  • A license is always started by importing existing data from other systems.

  • It is always possible to import spreadsheet files via the supervisor function.

Production Management*

  • Fully integrated production management for selected industries, such as the graphics industry and course companies.

  • Extremely efficient and transparent flow system for managing portal orders.

  • General order generation with pool orders, production files, in short everything.

  • Optimized freight logistics and direct billing without a single re-entry of data.

Accounting Systems*

  • VWe have integration with a number of existing accounting systems, but CAPTOR can be integrated into virtually any system.

  • Important customer information can be studied directly via CAPTOR without logging into the other systems.

  • Customer and billing data is transferred directly to invoicing and customer maintenance and creation.


  • Integration into the most efficient freight management and logistics tools on the market.


Big Screen Info (BSI)*

  • Management of large display screens in reception, production, administration.
  • The entire house is constantly updated on today’s tasks.


  • Integration into local office packages as well as Office 365.

  • Full integration with MS Word, MS Excel and MS Outlook.


  • Full integration into the market’s leading newsletter system.

  • Synchronize both ways so you always have full control over your readers.

Customer Service*

  • CAPTOR has a ticket management module so that customer service matters can be managed efficiently.

  • CAPTOR is also integrated into Help Scout with shared mail handling.


  • Linking your smartphone with CAPTOR ensures fast dialing, no wasting time on entering phone numbers, just one tap and dialing.

Project Management*

  • Management of projects, sub-tasks, responsibilities and documents.

  • We offer 5 different project management models that can be customized to your needs.

Time Recording*

  • Registration of spent time on customers, projects, work codes, internal time


  • CAPTOR is integrated with the hot folder system Switch.

  • The production map, job and your big screens are automatically updated with status, variances and important comments about the production.


  • An effective tool for managing telemarketing activities so that all contact data is secured.

  • Special interface for telemarketing, questionnaires, etc.


  • Extended management reports forecast & market coverage.

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