What is CAPTOR?

CAPTOR is an effective concept based on a CRM and production system, that is integrated with all the tools that you work with daily.

CAPTOR collects all the company’s data into one central production management system, which significantly reduces your administrative costs. This, in turn, enhances your competitive edge in two ways: by optimizing internal processes and by avoiding lost time on double entries.


During our first, non-committal consultation with a potential customer, we like to draw a flow chart of the company’s existing system constellation and current data flow. 

The dataflow diagram in CAPTOR Graphic looks like this and is explained thoroughly during our introductory meeting.


  • Customer/item management

  • Creation & monitoring

  • Offers/calculation

  • Pipeline

  • Digital archive

  • Follow up

  • History

  • Company info/newsletters


  • Order management

  • Overview

  • Production optimization

  • Last minute changes
  • Logistics & customer service

  • Billing & accounting

  • Digital archive

  • History

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