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Our basic CRM system isn’t as complex as competitors, because we prefer to keep things as simple and effective as possible. Therefore, it is equipped with nothing more than what your everyday needs require.

For the same reason, CAPTOR is simple to use and easy to implement.

Our system is set up so that, as a rule, it will not take more than a few days for everyone in your company to become fully familiar with it. Of course, we guide your company throughout the beginning phase with elements such as taking care of pre-analysis, installation, setup, data import/integration and training. We take your integration very seriously and with twenty years of project management experience, we know what we are doing.

Over time, we have developed all possible and impossible applications, integrations and interfaces — a bit like playing with Lego. Consequently, we are delighted to have an extensive database filled with many IT features that we can piece together into the right solutions for our customers.

We enjoy the challenges that the IT world presents and we particularly enjoy visiting our customers and feeling their enthusiasm for the software that we develop. Working with a business and seeing our system running on their computer screens makes us proud.

Most companies’ successes today depend on well-functioning IT systems, which is why, if you are  successful, then we feel we have succeeded.


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