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Carsten Gram, Managing Director CEO

”Together with CAPTOR, we are in the process of developing additional functions which will make our work even easier. We have been so inspired by the overview this system provides, that we want to bring information dissemination down to the personal level. Each production employee is provided with their own tablet from which they can view information about their own tasks. The physical order cart, for example, contains only customer/order numbers and any possible physical effects. All production information is retrieved from the system in real time. That way, no changes or messages are lost.

When the individual employee is equipped with a tablet, electronic documentation and storage can also occur in a simpler way. Archiving in particular, needs to be made more digital. Too much time and space is spent archiving and retrieving material, which in most cases, is only needed electronically.

The decision to collaborate with CAPTOR Graphics has both proven to be the solution to our challenge and inspired a number of initiatives that we had not dreamed of before. To put it bluntly, this system is great for a company like ours.”

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